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Skis with a waist width around 85mm +/- 6mm

Mar 04 2013

Review: Madshus Annum

Rigged with a step-in 3-pin (TeleBulldog) binding the Madshus Annum is ready to go just about anywhere.

  One of the benefits of living in snow country is the ability to embrace skiing in all its forms. Whether alpine, nordic, steep, deep or flat – just gliding on skis is a thrill. However, to enjoy skiing in all its forms you need to have quite a few different skis. Few of us …

Keep making backcountry turns

Mar 07 2012

Review: Fischer S-Bound 112

Fischer's S-Bound 112. Plenty of width for flotation, plenty of pattern for grip, and a nice sidecut for easy turns.

With a fatter ski you might think they create more drag, but actually, and especially when you’re breaking trail they make it easier because they aren’t constantly “submarining” in the snow. Plus they have better grip thanks to more waxless surface area.