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Skis with a waist width ~ 105mm +/- 5mm

Mar 04 2015

Review: Voile Charger BC

Voile Charger BC. Fat, waxless, metal edged.

  I have been skiing the ‘regular’ Charger (181cm) for the last two seasons. I love them. They turn on a dime, float like a butterfly, etc. I had been considering a fish scaled, down hill oriented ski as there are some areas I ski with short (¼—½ mile) approaches or exits that are just …

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Feb 12 2015

First Look: Dynafit’s Chugach ski

Full fat skis from Dynafit, all the width and some mass behind the muscle too.

To say that next year’s new skis from Dynafit are probably the best turning skis they’ve ever made only confirms what backcountry skiers have known for years; there’s a limit to how light you can make a ski if you want great downhill performance in a lot of conditions, at any speed. In short, when …

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Dec 08 2014

Review: BD’s Carbon Convert (2015)

Viva le Carbon Convert - in white. Don't let it out of your sight!

What is it about skis that is so danged exciting? As much as I like to think they are just another utilitarian piece of gear to get me to the goods, the fact is, the sensation of skiing comes primarily from the ski. Everything else is just connecting you to it, although, with tele, the …

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Nov 19 2014

Review: G3 Carbon Synapse 101

G3 Synapse 101  130-101-118 in five lengths between 165 and 185 cm

Carbon is the rage in skis these days, and for good reason. From the rumblings I’m hearing, it won’t be going away anytime soon. One example of why is G3′s Synapse. It has the requisite muscle necessary to make up for what heavier skis do with mass. At speed they get a bit skittery, but …

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Oct 13 2014

Review: Voile’s V6

Voile's V6 - a slightly slimmer V8

  The last two seasons have been tough on fat skis. In spite of that, Voile has managed to produce two winners in two years that not only give the sort of delightful response in soft snow you would expect from a company that develops products in Wasatch pow, but in real conditions too. In …

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Sep 22 2014

Review: Volkl’s BMT Series – 94/109/122

Volkl's Big Mountain Touring series, BMT 94 shown. Less than 7 lbs./pr at 186cm long.

It was two seasons ago my preconceived notions about rockered skis, especially the too fat variety, were blown to smithereens. For me, that means anything wider than 110mm at the waist which simply cannot hold sufficient edge for good all round, backcountry skiing. The example was Volkl’s V-Werks Katana, a magical mix of wood core …

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Sep 01 2014

Review: Fischer’s Hannibal BC Ski

Fischer's Hannibal 2014
131-100-117 • 6½ pr

  Dostie and I ran into each other walking dogs at dusk the other night. No, he’s not my alter ego, rather, my cousin, Jeff Dostie. We both happen to love backcountry skiing, work at ski shops, and purely by chance, live in the same neighborhood. We don’t agree on skin track strategies but we …

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