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Jun 15 2015

Review: BCA’s Scepter ski pole

BCA's family of Scepter ski poles.

  Adjustable length backcountry ski poles have become a commodity. Now that everyone has figured out how to make their own Flick-Lock style adjustment mechanism getting a decent adjustable ski pole is as simple as figuring out what your budget is and buying the most conveniently available model. There are certainly differences among the many …

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Feb 22 2015

Review: G3′s Via ski poles

Look, it hooks!

When it comes to ski poles any pole will do, especially if you’ve just broken or lost yours. However, if you’re earning your turns, it is worth it to get yourself a pair with dedicated backcountry features. The most obvious would seem to be a pole with length adjustability, but that is only one of …

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Mar 17 2014

Review: Leki’s trick Tourstick-Vario ski pole

Leki's Tourstick has 20cm of Speedlock adjustability, then folds down to < 40cm.

  Leki’s Tourstick has 20cm of Speedlock adjustability, then folds down to < 40cm.[/caption]Leki has a new pole, the micro adjustable, foldable, TourStick Vario, that anyone with traveling on their mind should be taking a closer look at. It combines a lot of nice features into a single ski pole, including Leki’s ultra comfortable Aergon® …

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Feb 21 2014

1st Look: Ski Baskets with a lift

The new shape of baskets to come. Lift basket not only pushes, it can pull too.

  One of the new directions in ski pole development has been a recognition of how limited the function of most baskets are. Yes, they provide a resistance to pole planting in soft snow but when it comes to using that disk for anything that requires a bit of backbone for support they’re next to …

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Jun 24 2013

Review: Swix Sonic ski pole

Swix Sonic poles adjust with an over sized twist-lock.

Swix is joining the adjustable ski pole crowd with a new spin on the twist lock mechanism. Instead of twisting an internal bushing to expand and press against the inner walls of the upper shaft, they use a large diameter nut on the upper shaft to compress a plastic sleeve around the lower shaft. Does …

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Aug 13 2012

Review: BD FlickLock® Pro ski poles

BD's new FlickLock® Pro. Leaner and meaner.

  When it comes to chosing an adjustable ski pole for backcountry skiing, one can hardly go wrong with the Black Diamond’s FlickLock® series, the most popular adjustable pole seen on skin tracks throughout America. In recent years a number of competitors have come up with some worthy alternatives, but the flicklock concept is a …

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Jul 11 2012

Review: Leki’s SpeedLock Pole Series

Leki Haute Route SpeedLock ski pole

For those who still equate Leki with twist-lock, and twist-lock with collapsing pole syndrome, Leki’s SpeedLock series renders that perspective to the dust bin of history.

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