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Climbing skins for easy ascents on mountains of snow.

Feb 12 2018

Skeats — Strap-on ski crampons

Skeats™ - strap-on ski crampons.

Skeats™ are small crampons that connect to the bottom of your skis, over and in addition to a pair of climbing skins. They’re attached via a bungee strap around your skis, with the cone shaped teeth pointing down and puncturing the surface of hard snow. The video I saw on Facebook was undeniable proof they …

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Feb 19 2017

Review: BD Ultralite Mo-mix Skins

BD's Glidelite Mo-mix Skins

Like any decent pair of climbing skins, Black Diamond’s Glidelite Ultralite climbing skins, the mohair mix variety, is a product guaranteed to get you to the goods and plaster your face with at least a smile, if not a giggle of delight for the face shots. As with most climbing skins, the grip and glide …

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May 16 2016

Review: 5-point ‘pons, Tech Crampon 250

Adjust the washers so the bumper contacts the front of the shell at the toe, and remove any excess rubber behind the inserts on NTN boots.

  Years ago the thought entered my head while kicking steps up a couloir that I really didn’t need a full set of crampons to boot up it, but some teeth at the toe would be nice. No doubt the same thought has entered your head if you’ve ever cramponed up a steep couloir. Alpinists …

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Apr 25 2016

Review: Fischer ProFoil climbing skins

Alex Pappas' first day skinning for fresh tracks.

Time for an update on Fischer’s new climbing skin technology, their ProFoil climbing skins. Unlike traditional skins that are modeled after the fur of seals, these are essentially a full length sheet of plastic scales like that found on waxless cross-country skis. Like climbing skins, they are attached or removed to the base of your …

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Apr 11 2016

Thule’s One-Minute Chains revisited

These chains still going strong after three seasons. No crawling required.

The problem with chains is they’re a pain in the ass to put on and take off. For common chains, by the time you cave and admit you need them, putting them on usually requires crawling on your belly in slushy snow while the wind howls. It’s a miserable, time consuming process. There are alternatives. …

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Jun 22 2015

G3 Expands Climbing Skin Connections

New minimal metal twin-tip tail hook from G3.

  When it comes to climbing skins it’s important to be mentally prepared to split hairs when it comes to differences. Which is another way to say that if you’re new to the sport of backcountry skiing, don’t worry about who makes the best climbing skins, just get a pair. You need to get some …

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Feb 09 2015

First Look: Fischer ProFoil climbing skins

Pretrimmed pair of ProFoil.

  The most interesting new gadget at the recent trade shows was Fischer’s new Profoil climbing skins. They’re not made with a traditional plush of fibers lying down. Think of them instead as a removable base of plastic scales, or as Fischer would prefer, a waxless, grippy, crown pattern. The few leathernecks I ran in …

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