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9th Season (1996-97), Volume IX

Nov 26 2011

Rerun: Craft Beer Primer

Originally published in Couloir Vol. IX-2, Nov. 1996

You’re not aching for a glass of water — what you really want is a beer. Not just any old beer, but one you can wrap your tongue around and taste. Not some cheap, near beer (as common as slope dopes on corduroy), but a beer that shares your passion for quality and uniqueness. Maybe any beer will do, but how about enjoying the taste and aroma as well as the wetness?

Jul 30 2011

Mt. Shasta – the Masta’

Viewed from above (looking roughly WNW from the SE side), Mt. Shasta's appeal is no secret.

Perhaps the most common reprimand that I hear comes from Shasta county locals fearing we’ll make Mt. Shasta more popular than it is. The thought that a little rag like this could have that much influence is flattering but absurd. Instead, I have a theory that the flaming cross on my front lawn carries deeper …

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