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19th Season (2006-07), Volume XIX (last season)

Apr 06 2015

EJ’s story: Right legs are over rated

EJ's back on his feet.

Note: This story was first published in Couloir magazine XIX-5, Spring 2007. It was the beginning of a new life for EJ that began nine years ago. He is working on writing a book about what has happened since, and the lessons learned. To support him in this effort, go to In the meantime, …

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Oct 11 2012

Rerun: Time Changes

Couloir Vol. XIX-3, Dec. 2006

Every year the seasons change, and though the calendar says they begin at the same time, we know when they start and end are as predictable as the numbers on a roulette wheel. Sure there is a range of when it will occur, but the exact day, just as the exact number to bet on, changes all the time.

Apr 07 2012

Rerun: Lone Rangers

Part of the appeal of skiing solo?  Solitary tracks on an untracked sloped.

Now when you consider that the main reason people don’t ski more is because they don’t have partners you have to wonder what is up with the hard core earn your turns types, like you and me. Does that mean we’re the friendliest skiers out there and we log that many days ‘cuz we exude a je ne sais quoi magnetism that attracts others to us all the time?

Jan 14 2012

Review: A closer look at Hammerhead (beta)

The original Hammerhead, circa 2001, that changed telemarks perception of itself.

The Hammerhead increases control for 21st century plastic boots to the same degree that the SuperLoop or Voile 3-pin cable did for leather boots back in the day. Which means the Hammerhead must be doing something dramatically different than other bindings. It is.

Sep 12 2011

The Table

It's the first thing you notice when you step inside...

It’s the first thing you notice when you enter Selkirk Lodge, which is odd considering it’s just a table. Sure you’ll spend a fair amount of time at it in the coming week as you log long days of backcountry skiing, but the skiing was the point of the vacation, not the table, right? Later …

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Oct 04 2010

Rottefella’s NTN Binding, Beta Version ’07


Beta Version Review Reprinted from Couloir Vol. XIX-5, March 2007 by Craig Dostie The long awaited NTN (New Telemark Norm) binding from Rottefella has arrived. And how! Is it the Holy Grail of telemark bindings? If Holy means perfect, then no. But if it means you will feel more righteous while genuflecting through your tele …

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