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13th Season (2000-2001), Volume XIII

Aug 12 2011

Skinning: Keeper Steeper

Reprinted from Couloir XIII-4, Winter 2001

Might I be so bold as to suggest that the esteemed skier from Truckee, Mr. Dostie, is suffering from a cranial/rectal impaction when it comes to appreciating the fine art of steep skinning? Not only is steep skinning faster and more efficient, it is The Way. The Chosen Path. The Trail to Enlightenment as well …

Keep making backcountry turns

Aug 12 2011

Skinning: Tracks of the Tortoise

It's an age old debate. What's better, the low angle or steep skin track? Read on.

Taking the low road has several advantages. It is unquestionably more efficient…is consistently safer, arguably more aesthetic and, for those still intent on a challenge, is more difficult to achieve with purity…