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10th Season (1997-98), Volume X

Jun 29 2014

Profile: Ruedi Beglinger – Guide for the hardcore.

Ruedi Beglinger was one of the first guides in North America to lead tours with a  splitboard.

“It’s not every day that you get to ski with the Rued-man!” he said with an edge to his voice, an edge weighted with the resentment of being cheated. Instinctively I swallowed, trying to flush the guilt that welled in my throat. There was no denying that I was to blame for cutting short our …

Keep making backcountry turns

Jun 29 2012

Rerun: The Backside of Beyond

Bardini in the 'man cave', escaping 'syphilization.'

Edward Abbey referred to the urban scene as “syphilization.” We read between the lines and suspect a cure for the most subtle of modern maladies, the condition caused by the strained nervous sense of urgency that seems to define life in the city.

Dec 30 2011

Telemarkers Make Better Lovers


She ate Pit Bulls for breakfast, and spit out Black Diamonds for lunch. By carting those free-heel boards around she was transformed from mere city slag to a goddess of the mountains, a shining alpine succubus, nymph of the glades come to whisk mere mortals away to a whitened fantasy land during their lunch break.