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Feb 13 2019

22D issues Tech Bulletin on Lynx v1

Be sure to trim excess plastic around the "face" of tech inserts.

Updated 24feb19 The beta Lynx was hardly flawless, but there were no show stoppers. As more people get a chance to ski the Lynx in 2019, things the beta team never found are being uncovered. In early February 2019 22 Designs issued a technical bulletin to deal with some of these. Most are notes on …

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Feb 12 2019

Meidjo mounting tips

Looking at what makes the Meidjo tick - for better and for worse - the magic red stub, cocked for tele turns.

If you’re mounting a Meidjo binding yourself, be aware this requires you to drill 13 holes in each ski, and that’s only if you don’t make any mistakes. Sobriety is advised. So is the Carpenter’s Rule.

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Feb 07 2019

Review: 22D’s Lynx 2-pin tele binding

A little over a pound per foot for a single size small binding.  (505 g - 17¾ oz.)

Lynx — the long awaited 2-pin tele binding from 22 Designs has arrived. And how! Whether you earn your tele turns or not, Lynx has a lot to like. The inherent functionality remains the same as the beta binding — 2-pin toes deliver better edging and unsurpassed touring. An NTN mid-sole connection makes smooth tele …

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Jan 27 2019

Review: DPS Phantom — Base Treatment

Curing under a blue Colorado sky - May 2018.

The promise of Phantom from DPS sounds too much like a fairy tale to be believed — you never have to wax your skis again and your stick(s) will slide forever like they have been. As with many stereotypes, there is some truth in the pitch, but there are exceptions to the rule. When you …

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Jan 14 2019

Review: The Badass MF from Bishop Bindings

BMF-R has all the touring bells - plus weight.

When the Bishop was introduced over a decade ago the telemark world got to experience a true heavy-metal telemark binding. At the time it was certainly the heaviest telemark binding around. Fast forward to the present and Dave Bombard and crew have unleashed the overdue descendent of the Bishop, the BMF-R, which stands for Badass …

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Jan 07 2019

Crispi NTN duckbutts come up short!

The NTN sole length runs along the curve defined by the bottom of the sole (green) from the front of the toe to the back of the second heel, in the center.

It appears there is a problem with NTN boots from Crispi; not all, but enough to give a warning. The second heel might be too small, meaning the distance from the toe-to-the-duckbutt is too short. The result is a loose, or unreliable connection with Meidjo and Outlaw bindings. At this moment there isn’t any reliable …

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Nov 22 2018

Serial Heelers 2018 tele ‘ddiction

As ski porn goes, the formulas get old but the temptation in the footage keeps the dream of getting away alive. Here’s 15 minutes of powder porn from the dead telemark society — free.

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