Mar 23 2012

Truckee Conditions 23mar12

Avalanche danger was low - breakable crust danger high. But, ha ha, I managed to skim a few turns in without breaking through.

My tour for the morning, a simple workout tour to get a sweat for the day, revealed the bane of all good tours – breakable crust – was everywhere. It was the perfect blend of being thick enough to almost hold you, but not quite. As soon as you put your weight on it, it would give way. Since it was almost thick enough to hold you – once it did break through it was also strong enough to grab your ankles and send you sprawling.

Adding to the grab factor that breakable crust was mush underneath. On top of it a fresh coat of cold snow which made it look inviting, but it was not deep, just a delusional veneer. Even so, turns were possible though not exactly reliable or safe.

Avalanches aren’t the major danger today, the SAC is calling for low to moderate danger, blowing your knee out when the crust gives way is. If we can get a good cold snap the snowpack should bond up nice and solid and then it’ll be game on again, probably on Monday.

Meanwhile, up in Alaska, Valdez Telehead files this report:

Have a great weekend folks.
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