Jan 09 2011

Drying Boot Liners

Drying your ski boots out after a day of sweating in them is easily achieved in a variety of ways. Here’s a couple of simple tricks for when you’re away from the conveniences you may have at home like a dedicated set of forced air dryers, a space heater, or the shelf above a pot belly stove.

If it’s a sunny day the fastest way to dry ‘em is to pull the liners out of the shells and set them on the dash of your car. Even on a cold winter day the solar energy should be sufficient to dry ‘em out in an hour or two. This is NOT advised with heat moldable liners that can, especially on a warm sunny day, get hot enough to remold on their own. In other words, use caution with this method.

Newspaper works like a desiccant to dry your liners overnight.

For overnight drying all you need is a couple of pages from a newspaper. Wad ‘em up loosely and stuff ‘em down into the liners. The paper acts like a desiccant, pulling the moisture out of your liners like a sponge. Use in combination with other methods for faster drying. If you’re at a hut there’s usually newspaper lying around as fire starter. When you’re through, throw the paper in the fire and burn up the stink while you’re at it.


What’s your fave trick for drying boots on the cheap while on the road?

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  • TJ Burke

    That’s the million dollar question right there. I use an electric boot dryer combined with a heated boot bag. It drys your boots just fine if you’re driving. The question is how do you do it form the back of a Subaru when you at plastered after apres sleeping in your trunk. Good luck getting those boots on…