Dec 01 2011

PR: BD does DP on FB

Black Diamond does DawnPatrol on FaceBook

Some of my friends wonder if backcountry skiing has gotten too popular. There is credence to the question.

I pose that before announcing that Black Diamond will be hosting a special FaceBook application to make it easy for you and I to share our DawnPatrol experiences with our FB friends. They launch it today and with the horsepower they have unleashed on building their own very informative and entertaining website this promises to be something special.

From a posters perspective, it increases your exposure because the marketing might of one of the outdoor industries strongest corporations is already drawing lots of eyes and ears. From BD’s perspective, it’s just more candy to bring in more customers. Brilliant marketing IMO.

It will be interesting to see how much interest this really generates. FB and virtual reality already wastes too much of my time, but there’s a lot of people who are mesmerized by it which is why it’s such a good marketing tool. In case notoriety is not your motivation, but acquiring more toys is, BD will be giving away gear to those who register and post. Skis, boots, bindings, packs, etcetera.

With more backcountry skiing being promoted in virtual reality, will reality fail to draw new people in? Or will it just attract cyberficial personalities to the trailheads?

What’s next, animation and a game series where we play avalanche roulette on Wii? Or do we hold out for a holodeck?

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