Dec 30 2015

Part VII: Taming the Dragon of Self-Destruction

Sven Brunso rips it up.

Sven Brunso rips it up.

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15.

When we have self-destruction as our dragon we lack the ability to care for and nurture our own best interest. Self-destruction may be fuelled by a general propensity for self-hate, depression, or a sense of despair. This is not a sought-after ingredient for making good decisions in avalanche terrain. It brings a “devil may care” attitude to an activity that requires great care and diligence to make good choices for the well-being of self and others.

If self-destruction is our dragon, we look for drama in our lives and find ways to make bad things happen to us, often unconsciously. Our fear is a fear of success and the responsibility that it brings. This dragon may fuel a long list of successes in the mountains but the question is, from what place are they coming?

Taming Your Avalanche Dragons

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