Oct 08 2015

Scott to add tech inserts to Voodoo

Yup, that's a Scott Voodoo clamped to a Meidjo with tech inserts in the toe.

Yup, that’s a Scott Voodoo clamped to a Meidjo with tech inserts in the toe.

There has been a lot of telemark binding development to work with NTN boots lately, especially those incorporating a 2-pin tech toe in the design. Sadly, the news on the boot side of the equation has been discouraging with Scarpa ceasing production of the TX and refusing to add inserts to the TX-Comp.

Today I learned that Scott Sports is planning to add tech inserts to their NTN Voodoo boot for next season. This is good news for a couple of reasons. First, it means that there will be more boot choices for those who want to take advantage of 2-pin touring efficiency. Second, they will be using genuine Dynafit inserts. This also implies that Scott is actually committed to supporting telemark products.

Scott Sports Voodoo NTN in tour mode w/Meidjo

Scott Sports Voodoo NTN in tour mode w/Meidjo

There are a number of indications this is true, the most obvious being the photos shown here. However, we all know the camera lies; it would be easy to simply drill the sole of a Voodoo to create a photo op like the one shown. But there is more evidence Scott is actually serious about ski boots, particularly telemark boots.

Even with lackluster sales of telemark equipment overall, Scott added the Synergy to the telemark line two years ago. The Synergy is a welcome return to the classic wide last of Garmont boots from their hay days.

A less obvious indication is word that Scott signed an agreement with Rottefella licensing the continued use of the NTN second heel in their NTN compatible boots. All these signal a true commitment to skiing, especially the free heel variety.

Except for a select group of insiders, athletes and strategic partners like Rottefella and The M Equipment, don’t expect to see these on the slopes until the 2017.

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  • http://www.nstelemark.com Larry White

    Now this is really cool! It also means my favourite boot will not be disappearing anytime soon.

  • djhutch

    Love you Scott Sports! Bought the Synergy last year and will now consider the Voodoo next year.

    Scott is smart. Just like Pierre of Meidjo, and 22 Designs; they know that there is still money in telemark. Maybe less buyers than before but also less manufacturers so there is a need. Makes sense to keep producing boots you already own the molds to (e.g., Synergy) or make minor tweaks to current boots like the Voodoos. Now that they gave the Cosmos a complete overhaul, maybe tele boots are next for Scott?

  • SpartyOverseas

    I would much rather go full tech-toe if I could. I suppose a retro-fit for my Prophets would be asking too much, but considering I love the fit of my Voodoos and Prophets, I may consider paying for new boots with techtoes to tell Scott to keep up the good work!

  • Tim Bateman

    Excellent news! If only we could retrofit to Prophet. At least I know the punch needed to make them a perfect fit from my Prophets and Voodoo. I will buy 100% :)

  • skier6

    A newer Prophet (now called the Voodoo) with tech inserts.. The color isn’t that awful green either.