Feb 26 2015

Serial Heelers – episode III


Serial Heelers, S1, E3

Serial Heelers, S1, E3

The reason for the lack of video endorsements in this place is simple, I’m not impressed with many. After awhile they all sort of look the same, and they show feats I’ll never repeat, and snow I only dream about anymore in the Sierra Nevada. I don’t need to be reminded where I’m not.

However, my morbidity over the current state of California’s snowpack should not prevent me passing on this porntastic tidbit. Being that it’s coming from The M-Equipment, makers of the tantalizing Meidjo binding that blends 2-pin touring efficiency with NTN functionality you’d think it’s a promo piece for the binding. Okay, I admit it is, but not by zooming in and showing the binding and how it works, but by showing how it is meant to be appreciated.

Even knowing it’s a promo piece it’s tough to deny this is one of the best five minutes of ski footage I’ve seen all year. The skiers are clearly accomplished mountaineers, they rip smooth tele turns, and the location, Verbier in the Swiss Alps, and cinematography, are stunningly beautiful.

Oh, and if you’re a telemarker thinking about upgrading to NTN, this vid was designed to get you to stop thinking and start buying. And for those who thought you fixed the problem when you fixed the heel, this vid might help to cure that delusional bubble.

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  • rob

    not ntn, waste of money, go tech

  • skier6

    Interesting, in the video skiing up to the hut, there is a third skier, with a large black pack. I think he is the operator of the quad copter (Phantom?) who shot the aerial footage. At the end he is standing by the door of the hut, flying his UAV…