Jan 28 2015

Meidjo wins ISPO Gold Award


Meidjo wins Gold award for innovation from ISPO.

Meidjo wins Gold award for innovation from ISPO.

The M-Equipment’s first product, the Meidjo telemark binding will receive a Gold award from ISPO at the upcoming European trade show for its innovative design. Meidjo combines a Dynafit style low-tech toe piece with a spring loaded plate that attaches to the 2nd heel of a NTN boot. The binding weighs approximately one pound per foot, is step-in, and has a safety release. The design allows for the addition of a ski brake (yet to be delivered) and ski crampons. In addition, Pierre Mouyade, the Meidjo’s designer, plans to show an integrated tech-style heel unit at ISPO.

Upon receiving notice of the award, Pierre Mouyade posted the following notice on the M-Equipment website.

It is with some pride that THE M Equipment announces that MEIDJO, our free touring telemark binding has just been awarded GOLD Winner at ISPO Award. For the engineer that I am it is an invaluable consecration.
I would like to dedicate this award to my father who passed away two years ago now and it’s a little for him that I created this fine binding, at least that I have led this project to completion to offer you.

Then I want to thank my wife Evelyne and my children Thibault and Chloe who had to bear with their father in recent years who was 300% on the project. I also thank my close friends who have always believed in this project and who supported me.

Then, a big thank you to my industrial partners, especially Sylvain and Collet Amblard who helped me from the beginning of the project, without them I could not have brought this project to completion. I also thank the PACI who allowed me to build this business and give birth to MEIDJO.

Finally I thank this wonderful telemark family who greeted me at the Meidjo Telemark festival with open arms. It is having in mind that memorable moment and for La Meije (mystic mountain) that I particularly love, I called this binding MEIDJO. Thanks to Meidjo Telemark Association for agreeing that I give this name to the product that is yours today.

Thank you to Seb, Laurence, Aymeric, Franck, Raoul, Mika, Peter, Corentin, Lola, Aurora, Canard, Yves Boulélé Guido, Antoine and to all I omit in this moment full of emotion.

Pierre Mouyade, Meidjo's designer, with a prototype binding.

Pierre Mouyade, Meidjo’s designer, with a prototype binding.

Although the Meidjo has drawn plenty of attention for its clean looking design, it suffers from flaws that are common with many first year products, especially inaugural products. Thus, there is also an active ongoing recall for the first 138 pair of bindings produced prior to January 5th, 2015. More details on the recall here.

While the majority of development in skiing products revolves around alpine skiing it is refreshing to see an award go to a telemark product. Equally important is the message conveyed by Pierre Mouyade that his company will not be content with mere innovation, their goal is to spur a revolution of interest in telemark skiing.

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  • Jon

    Now we need boot manufacturers to catch up.

  • Greg

    Any news on retailers selling the Meidjo in the USA? I’m looking forward to a chance to see and ski this binding.

  • Mark Worley

    Lighten up the tele gear. Very smart.