Jan 23 2015

Scarpa to trim TX from US


Scarpa's TX to be  unavailable for 2016.

Scarpa’s TX to be unavailable for 2016.

Madsen and I have been scheming for years on ways to grow interest in telemark skiing. We have no illusions about taking over the world in a wave of free heel euphoria, but our best laid plans will come to naught unless the equipment to do the dance remains available.

So imagine our consternation when we learned of yet another telemark boot to be removed from the market for next year. To confirm the rumor, all it took was a visit to Scarpa’s booth showing off next years ski boots. On the shelf facing traffic were the Freedom line of boots, including the new Freedom RS along with the light weight AT offerings like the the F1-Evo, and the Alien series of rando race boots. Inside, spread out on two shelves, were next season’s telemark boots. The line up was disturbing, not for what it showed, but for what was absent — the TX, the lightest, and softest of their NTN boot line with inserts.

I called out to Samantha Kilgore, marketing director for Scarpa, and pointedly asked, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

She knew exactly what I was asking and protested, “we had to cut something and that boot sells the least.”

“You should have chopped the TX-Pro,” I countered.

“But that’s our best selling [NTN] boot,” she exclaimed.

“That’s only because Scarpa refuses to put inserts in the TX-Comp,” I replied, then added, “The reason people buy the TX-Pro is they want a stiffer boot than the TX, but the TX-Pro is the same stiffness as the TX, it just has two buckles on the cuff. They either want stiff or soft, so what they really want is either a TX-Comp with inserts, or a TX.”

“You need to tell that to Italy,” she joked.

With any luck, I just did. And if you’ve been thinking you might get a T2-like boot when you switch to NTN next year, you might think about getting those TX’s sooner than later.

PS: Love your boots. Mean it.

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  • djhutch

    And, the Scarpa tele boots allowed to live remain unchanged (for 5 years and counting) I assume? I love you too Scarpa.

  • Steve Russell

    If they just put tech inserts in the TX Comp we’d be golden. I could care less if they change the colour of all their boots every year. Although making them lighter would be nice.

  • Charly

    So…one less boot available that works with the new, and promising, Meidjo bindings. Damn.

  • DP

    “That’s only because Scarpa refuses to put inserts in the TX-Comp,” I
    replied, then added, “The reason people buy the TX-Pro is they want a
    stiffer boot than the TX, but the TX-Pro is the same stiffness as the
    TX, it just has two buckles on the cuff. They either want stiff or soft,
    so what they really want is either a TX-Comp with inserts, or a TX.”

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN Brother!!!!

  • KFC

    I would actually be a fan of making the comps heavier if that would make them comparably stiff to for candy canes. Stiffer and with inserts pls. While you’re at it include the walk mode from the freedom sl, or ditch the walk mode entirely.

  • hop

    sooo… how are those Crispi offerings looking?

  • skier6

    I agree, the TX Pro is just a TX with an extra buckle. I own both boots. For me the TX Pro is a bit disappointing, I wanted a stiffer boot than the TX but it’s not . It’s too soft, for what I thought would be a move up from the TX..
    So my primary stiff NTN boot is the Garmont Prophet.

  • Sierra Skier

    add one more reader to your list that wants to see tech inserts on the TX Comp. Now that TTS and Meidjo exist, this is an important step for Scarpa to keep up with those of us that still prefer to drop knee. Also, you want light weight? Why can’t Scarpa re-introduce an F1 with a bellows for tele rather than for climbing only — that’s TTS touring gold right there! TELL SCARPA!

  • Phil

    I don’t think losing the TX in North America is that bad (and you’ll still be able to order them from Europe if you want them). Tele skiers either want: (a) stiff boots for lift skiing (TX-Pro or TX-Comp), or (b) a lighter/more tourable boot than the TX. If only Scarpa would come out with a TX-F1 boot with inserts.

    I’ve been using F1s in a TTS binding for a couple of years and they are wonderful. They ski well although they aren’t optimized for tele, but the low-weight and easy walking is magnificent. I realize there are big costs with developing molds for new boots and the telemark market is very small. But as-is, the boot companies are essentially forcing telemarkers away from touring and losing that core of the North American market. I’m pretty sure they are quite happy about that though…

  • Jon

    With the increase in promising new NTN compatible bindings (Meidjo/22 Designs Outlaw/etc.) it’s a shame we don’t have more boot offerings to keep up. Boot manufactures – please put tech inserts on all NTN boots!!!

  • Zachary Richmond

    I love my TX Pros, but this being my 5th season in them, I am considering a new pair next year and at this point I wouldn’t get anything but Scarpa. TX Comps with inserts would be enough to push me over to a new pair, but until then I guess I’ll have to hope and wait.

  • N Peter

    For years now I’ve been telling Scarpa USA to get Scarpa to put tech fittings on the tx comp. The tx pro is borderline unusable for my 195 lbs and preference for stiff skis.

    scarpa USA folks chuckle and say Yeah we’ve heard this wish from many many US customers, but Scarpa Italy has been stubborn.

    It’s getting ridiculous. How many years of this same request from ‘many many’ customers is needed before Scarpa takes action?

  • web

    If we’re going to lighten the Pro/Comp, let’s Increase the cuff ROM in walk mode while we’re at it.

  • Rene-Martin

    TX Comp with insert. I have to agree that would cut it for me

  • CL

    Sounds like a lot of griping if one NTN boot gets deleted… I get it, but those of us who have big feet (Mondo 32) don’t EVEN have the option of going to NTN yet!!! How about deleting one of the boots, but adding a couple larger sizes so the rest of us can enjoy that ride??? WTF do we have to do, chop off our toes???

  • sethg

    I’m new to Tele (just a couple seasons) and really appreciate this site. My first setup was some used rental gear (BD Ethics, O3 bindings and some Scarpa boots). Really enjoying it and have been upgrading my gear. Just got some new skis mounted with O1 bindings because I wanted free pivot for uphill performance. (Did some inbounds uphill trips with the O3s and it was a lot of extra work.) So now I’m looking for a slightly beefier boot to power a slightly wider ski and it seems like I’m late to the party and everyone’s gone. Is anyone making tele boots anymore? And are any of them 75mm? From what I’ve read, the Scarpa T2 Eco is what I’d like to try but nobody has them except for in really small or large sizes. I’m hoping it’s just a seasonal thing and by the Fall there will be more boots out there.

  • Dostie

    There’s still plenty of boots to chose from with a duckbill. Only three companies left, but enough choices to allow you to find a good match. Most important thing is finding a boot that most closely matches the shape of your foot.

    The T2 Eco (or Crispi CXP) should be enough boot to drive a ski up to 100mm wide, although they’re better suited to something more like 90mm-95mm. Above 100mm width at the waist I’d recommend a Scarpa T1 or a Scott Synergy, or a Crispi XR. Welcome to the tribe!