Nov 10 2014

Bean & Rice: High Attitude, E2-SII


High Attitude aka Rocky Mountain High

High Attitude aka Rocky Mountain High

Sakson’s back, this time in Colorado. Never was I ever jealous of Colorado’s snow until the last three years in California. Now I’m only jealous because it seems our snowpack conditions have flipped. That’s what I love about California, how solid the snow is. It used to be reliable too, but the recent trend reveals the core of the trouble; it’s about water. It’s not how cold it is that matters, it’s how much moisture is in the air. Or not. No more big, bad, warm and wet storms that pile up Sierra Cement by the foot. Instead we’re getting light, cold fluff like they used to get in Colorado, measured by the inch. Barely enough to cover the rocks, and spooky when deeper.

Lately Colorado’s been getting the dumps; sporting a wintry cloak of solid white in the high country, with a denser base and a topcoat of the fluffy stuff my friends in the Rockies have been stoked on since forever. Jake and Luke Lubchenco testify to such dreamy conditions with B&R: High Attitude.

There’s one thing California still has over Colorado: Actors and script writers.

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