Aug 19 2014

First Look: JetBoil MiniMo


Jet Boil's new MiniMo.

Jet Boil’s new MiniMo.

JetBoil has dominated the stove market lately, but their competitors have been able to poke holes in their dominance by simply pointing out a few of their shortcomings. To be sure, the convenience of the JetBoil system is hard to beat. Perhaps better still, their dominance is visible so there’s an unspoken but strong endorsement at a level that gives new customers assurance.

Still, when you actually use a JetBoil you notice the imperfections. For instance, even if you can set the flame to approximate a simmer setting, to do so requires constant adjusting as the pressure inside the can changes. Annoying but bearable. Then, when it’s time to pour the hot water, or start spooning the meal du jour, you realize that the cozy may insulate and keep the heat in, but it isn’t quite thick enough to insulate your hands from the same heat. Depending on ambient air temps, that may or may not be a good thing. Good on a ski tour not on a summer hike. And spooning from a deep pot, well, that’s possible but not optimal.

What’s a dirtbag to do? You could look more closely at a competitor, or you could check out the new Mini-Mo from JetBoil. Afterall, the original wasn’t bad, but it could be better. The MiniMo cures what ails the classic JetBoil package.

MiniMo = ‘mo better

Most importantly a regulator has been added to the stove plumbing. This keeps the gas pressure through the burner constant despite it changing in the canister as the fuel burns, and/or temperature changes. This means you can now set a low flame and not have to continually readjust it so it doesn’t go out on you. In addition, the valve has been upgraded so now it offers 2½ turns of simmer control. Or crank it up to full Jet mode, although now you might need to pay attention ‘cuz it may boil over faster than you’re used to.

The Mini-Mo comes with insulated metal handles, the better to pour or hold the pot with, without getting your hands too close or too hot. And finally, the shape of the Mini-Mo is wider and shorter, making it easier to scoop out that last bite of rehydrated Pad Thai.

The same new burner unit will also be available with Jet Boil’s Sumo stove. Look for the Mini-Mo after Labor Day 2014 at REI, and your fave outdoor outlet Winter 2015.

Jet Boil
MSRP: $130
Weight: 15 oz. (415 g)

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  • Bob Shattuck

    I’ve already decided what my next stove ( since my MSR whisperlite is a little tired after 16 or so years ) is gonna be . . . Jetboils make it happen, fast.