Jul 11 2014

Good Grub: Killer Cole Slaw


Healthy and delicious.

Healthy and delicious.

Here’s a quick recipe that combines two foods rich in cancer fighting ingredients for a new taste on an old classic dish – coleslaw – but with the zing of wasabi added. The main ingredient, cabbage, is rich in the naturally occurring phytochemical indole-3-carbino. This compound helps the body produce detoxifying enzymes that expose cancerous cells to your body’s natural immune system which can then starve them, kill them, and sweep them away.

Wasabi is another beneficial spice that boosts your immune system. Best of all though, this combination tastes good, so you won’t just eat it because you should, but because you want to.

Wasabi Coleslaw

Cabbage-shredded – 16 oz
Wasabi mayonnaise – 3 oz. (~ 3/8 cup)
Rice vinegar – sprinkling
Agave syrup – another sprinkling

Mix in the wasabi mayonnaise with shredded cabbage in a large bowl. Sprinkle on a bit of rice vinegar and agave syrup, some salt, and a dash of pepper, maybe some celery powder, and it’s ready to eat. You might also consider adding shredded carrots, and/or red bell peppers.

Where do you find the wasabi mayo? Trader Joes. Don’t have one nearby? Sorry, that’s not my problem.

Wasabi flavored cole slaw goes perfectly as the veggie filler in fish tacos, on crab cakes, salmon patties, or who knows what. Let your palette be your guide.

Bon appetit!

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