Sep 17 2010

Snowlands Auction

Snowlands Network is hosting an auction through this weekend to raise money for protecting wilderness lands from mechanized intrusions. There are lots of good causes to support these days, and they all need it because it seems the attacks on what is good are relentless. In the context of Snowlands Network, the goal is to reduce and control the use of land traditionally enjoyed by human powered backcountry folk from the gas-powered variety. In simple terms, keeping snowmobiles out of backcountry and cross-country ski domains.

The easiest way to help with that ongoing battle is to donate money to the cause. Become a member of Snowlands Network and then add to their coffers so they can make the time to carry on the fight. The other way is to get involved and donate your time and energy.

For now, here’s a link to their site. Snowlands Network.

And a link to the auction going on through Sept. 19, 2010. Support the cause!
Auction ID: SummerSnow
Auction Password: Snowlands

Check out what they do and help as you can and are so inclined.