Sep 05 2013

First Look: Ski Touring Guide to Whistler


Out of bounds at Whistler.

Out of bounds at Whistler.

One of the more instructive sites on the interwebz, backcountryskiingcanada.com is sprouting wings of paper as they expand their publishing repetoire to include a skier’s guidebook for Whistler.

I can’t tell you doodly-squat about the caliber of the writing since I only have access to a fuzzy view of the book, but the layout seems compelling with lots of photos of the key faces or feature that are available off each route. Plus each major route has a topo map indicating slope angles and orientation.

Information is provided on nearby huts, guides, and mechanized backcountry options plus advertisements for local shops that hopefully will still be in business when this books finds its way on to the shelves of the next generation – if they are still reading by then.

For an outsider to the area, this is an easy way to get drooling and dreaming about adding some adventure off Whistler’s beaten ski paths. Whistler is a big enough area this would be an excellent reference to carry on the plane and bone up on the options ahead. Locals are likely to simply rely on locals, but when you live outside, this gives enough insider info to keep you satisfied. Combined with a little curiosity and some mountaineering skills, fun can’t be far away.

Available at BCSkiingCanada.

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