Aug 06 2013

Events Calendar for BC skiers


The biggest TeleFest in the west - at Bear Valley (circa 2008).

The biggest TeleFest in the west – at Bear Valley.

Just a quick note to introduce the Events Calendar on this site. In your haste you probably didn’t notice, but yes, there is a new tab in the navigation bar up top and there is also a widget (those boxes in the sidebars) on the right which shows the next five or so events coming up. Just click on the event title and that will take you to a page giving all details of the event, including when and where (with a Google Map for convenience) and how much it costs.

There aren’t a whole lot of events to announce at this time, but it is still summertime. Even so, there are about to be a flurry of swap meets and fund raisers for Avalanche Centers bearing down on our social schedules, begging for our attendance.

For the moment I’m entering in all the data myself just because I want to make sure everything is working fine and there aren’t any glitches. There probably won’t be since this is not an application I developed myself. In a very short time I’ll enable the ability for anyone to enter an event to let the world know you and your friends are planning something that deserves attention like a festival, slide show series, rando race, or a fund raiser.

If you have an event coming up soon (August-September 2013) you want the backcountry world to know, send a note using the contact form below.

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