Jul 26 2013

Fey Bros. take over Crispi US Distribution

Crispi's Shiver Rando comes with tech inserts.

Crispi’s Shiver Rando comes with tech inserts.

Fans of Crispi boots can breath a sigh of relief that their favorite brand will be available this season (13/14). The Fey brothers, owners of Telemarkdown.com and the promoters of teleboarding, the telemark version of snowboarding, have acquired exclusive distribution rights to Crispi ski boots in the United States. Crispi ski boots will be available online through Summitcone Sports.

Crispi was the third brand to build plastic telemark boots in the late 90s. The brand never attained much market share, but its customers were loyal. Last year Alpina did not renew their contract to distribute Crispi in the United States and the future availability of Crispi was up in the air.

While this news doesn’t change the telemark landscape for the near term much, it will help to promote NTN style gear by offering more models to chose from. The New Telemark Norm uses an alpine shaped toe and heel with a bellows in the boot for use with NTN bindings. The alpine toe and heel offer the possibility of using the boot in NTN bindings, or AT bindings. Of the four plastic telemark boot makers, only Crispi and Scarpa make NTN boots with tech inserts.

Summitcone Sports will be importing seven models of Crispi’s telemark boots. The XR and XP (mens and women’s) for 75mm, the Evo Rando, Shiver Rando, and Shiver Ladies for NTN and by special order, the Evo World Cup. The Rando version models will come with Dynafit inserts.

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  • BenKadas

    Great news! I know Eric and Martin will take care of business. So when can we start ordering those Shiver and Evo Rando boots? I’ve got some TTS bindings that are screaming for a beefy boot!!

  • Martin Fey

    The shipment is on the dock in Italy and we expect delivery by mid-September. Feel free to pre-order and we’ll get them out as soon as they are unpacked.
    Martin Fey

  • Jeff A

    Regarding fit of the 2014 models. Has the last changed since last year and are they using the same liners as in the past?

  • Dostie

    Good question that we won’t know the answer to until the boat arrives and some samples get sent out for review. My guess is the liners are improved, but the overall “last” is the same. But we’ll see….

  • Jeff A

    Thanks Dostie. Having been a Crispi fan for years I was disappointed with the change in fit from the 75mm to NTN boots. I do love my Scarpa’s but I’m always up for something new. :)