Jul 01 2013

EarnYourTurns sheds old skin

In case you’ve been wondering why the pace of posts has slowed in the last few months it has not been as much for the lack of snow as the need to upgrade the look and feel of this website. Thus the majority of my time that is normally reserved for writing has been spent instead on figuring out and modifying the code that controls how this site works.

Besides the obvious change in the look there are some basic changes in how it functions. If you ever tried to use the search function on this site before you learned pretty quickly it was worthless. Not so anymore. Check it out and let me know if it is acceptable, or needs further work. Probably the latter, but be specific and I’ll try to accommodate you.

So, this is a short notice to let you know that the switch is imminent and you things might not work reliably for the next 24 hours, give or take. When this notice moves off the top you’ll know that the bulk of the switch has occurred. You may notice things appearing, disappearing, or moving over the next couple of weeks. If you find something that consistently acts funny, let me know about it in the comments section below. If there is something missing that you’d like to see added, let me know that as well. That doesn’t mean I’ll do it, but if it can be done without becoming too much of a code geek or spending too much time to make it happen, I’ll work it in.

Much of the functionality of this site comes from existing plug-ins. When they work, they’re easy and awesome. When they don’t they’re just a time suck. Telling me about a function you want is easy. Finding one that works the way it should takes a lot of time, unless you know exactly which one it is. If you have that level of WordPress knowledge, please share your secret.

With luck (and your support), I’ll be able to spend more time writing in the near future and less time geeking out with code. In the meantime, go check out some new terrain on a mountain bike or go surfing or sailing but pleeeez don’t bore yourself with SUPing.

Let the shedding begin!

© 2013

  • http://ThompsonPass.Com/ Matt Kinney

    Looks sharper, crisper images and easier to read.