Jan 31 2013

Technique: Modifying TTS Heel Post

Notice how the heel is raised a bit? That’s ‘cuz the TTS cable guides were a bit too tall.

The original Telemark Tech System binding was a bit crude but was close enough to yield a glimpse of what the future of telemark bindings might provide. Mark Lengel, the inventor of the system admits that the binding is effectively still a beta binding, but the current incarnation is vastly improved over the first prototype.

The height of the original heel post and cable posts tended to lift your boot too much, yielding a mild tippy-toe sensation. Far less than the days of rocker launch with the original Cobra, but annoying nonetheless.

If you’re keeping track and own or are considering purchasing a pair, the current version includes a set of cable guide posts that are lower and offer three cable pivot positions. The heel is now a custom heel that comes with a high and a low climbing post.

With a little grinding action the TTS climbing wires can be a LOT easier to engage.

While version 2.0 is a solid improvement, you can expect a few more changes before the design is “finalized.” For those who own a pair, you have probably noticed that the climbing bars are way too hard to lift with a ski pole. The heel post is molded to hold the climbing wires either flat or upright. Moving them from either position requires a lot of force. That’s fine for the upright position since you don’t want your heel posts collapsing when you’re climbing. However it would a lot nicer if there were less resistance for the first 30° of lift off the ski deck.

Rather than wait until the heel post gets revised you can make the modification yourself with a Dremmel tool and a sanding disk. Just grind away a triangular section of material on the sides of the heel post so that the climbing wire has no resistance for the first 30° or so. Remove the material about as deep as the retaining groove on the bottom. You might take away more than I did, but don’t go wild. It takes about a half hour to do if you have a vice and Dremmel, longer if you’re trying to file by hand. The reward is worth the effort, hence this notice.

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  • BenKadas

    I’m using a G3 heel with my “stock” TTS, I think it’s 11mm, it has short and long climbing wires, lets the boot sit flat, so none of the “skiing in highheels feeling”.