Nov 14 2012

Passage: Annalise Kjolhede

Sorry for the lapse in content here in the middle of the week. Work can get in the way of that but it has had some very positive side effects for awareness of what is going on along the boundaries of ski resorts. And one negative. I don’t normally like to get involved in the announcement of tragedies in the backcountry, but am compelled to post this one, perhaps because I was nearby at the same time doing the same thing and feel like I lost a friend I never met. For the moment, let us ponder the following and resume with regularly scheduled programming next post.

Last Saturday was a sort of milestone in my experience for the number of people that were out earning turns – inside the boundary. It is a phenomenon that has gone on for a long time, but the numbers this time were pretty astounding. Estimates range around 100 people at Sugar Bowl, probably 200 at Alpine Meadows and those were just two of the 15 resorts in Tahoe, let alone Colorado and Utah. But there was an accident and Annalise Kjolhede, an employee of AM, was fatally injured. An anonymous source says she “coded three times in-flight to the hospital.” Details of the accident make graphic another danger of skiing early season snow. We need to be more careful about being carefree. My prayers for her soul and her family.

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