Sep 26 2012

News: Avalanche on Manaslu – many lives lost

By now many of you have heard, and for those who haven’t, a large avalanche occured on Manaslu in Nepal Sunday morning. The avalanche occurred around 4:45am and swept through camp 3 at around 6800m elevation. In the aftermath of the avalanche there were 8 confirmed deaths, several missing people, and uncounted injuries.

One of the groups included famed skier Glen Plake who miraculously survived with only bruises and a few broken teeth. Unfortunately his tent-mate Greg Costa and friend Remy Lecluse are among the missing and at this point, presumed dead.

There are several reports available on what happened but the best report so far comes from Greg Hill who was camped lower down and was able to help with the rescue efforts. His photos bring clarity to the situation, as do his notes reflecting on the overall danger posed by the mountain prior to the incident.

Greg Hills report

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