Aug 24 2012

News: Backcountry snippets


With the next ski season still a full month or four away Scarpa is offering a sweet deal to prepare for it. Through the end of August all boot repairs will be half off and return shipping is free. The key here is the boots must arrive by August 31 at their Denver headquarters. Your boots will be fixed and returned by the end of October, 2012. Here’s the form and webpage with address info. Considering the cost of a new pair of boots an ounce of prevention is sure to save a pound of cure.


Crispi’s Shiver Rando with Tech inserts for 2013.

For those who have been waiting, your patience may soon be rewarded, Crispi’s NTN boots will be available this season with tech inserts. Alpina Sports says they have a full size run of the Crispi Evo Rando and Shiver Rando models for this season. What that means in terms of actual quantities is unknown but it sounds like at least a few lucky folks can get the Crispi Evo or Shiver with tech fittings and either switch hit between NTN for tele and Dynafit for training heels, or give TTS a whirl.

Avalanche Fundraiser
The 19th Annual Black Diamond Fundraiser for the Utah Avalanche Center is happening Sept. 13th from 6pm – 10pm at Black Diamond’s world headquarters in Salt Lake City. Details here.

Truckee Consignment Ski Sale

Over 500 pair of good-condition, used skis at Start Haus over Labor Day weekend.

Truckee’s local ski shop the Start Haus, known for their emphasis on ski racing and boot fitting is hosting their 3rd Annual Labor Day Consignment sale. Back in the day this was a traditional day for consignment sales that seems to have evaporated. Start Haus is renewing the tradition. Even though the bulk of product being brought in is for racers I’ve seen the booty and there are plenty of fat skis at excellent prices so if you’re in or plan to visit the Lake Tahoe area this could be a very worthwhile visit. The sale runs from 9am – 6pm from Friday, August 31 until Monday, September 3rd. Got something to sell? Bring it by their shop at 10990 Donner Pass Rd. in Truckee, CA any day, including the first two days of the sale.

In Colorado the US Forest Service has approved a plan for Breckenridge ski resort to expand operations over 550 acres on Peak 6. Opponents to the plan voiced disappointment over the decision. There remains a 45 day appeal period to influence the final outcome. Bob Berwyn gives the details here.

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  • Nils Miller

    Craig — my local shop in SLT has been trying to get the Crispi Evo w/ tech inserts but has reluctantly concluded that the North American version of the Evo does not come w/ tech inserts.

  • Dostie

    Major bummer. Yeah, I’ve been trying to confirm the existence of the mythical Evo Rando and have yet to see a physical specimen. Perhaps it’s just a photoshop creature. :wink:

  • Ben Kadas

    Nils,  I have spoken with the kind folks at Alpina Sports more than a few times this year and last, searching for the Evo and Shiver Rando. Finally I was rewarded last week with a call back from an Alpina employee who did a physical check of their stock, and found at least one pair of Evo Rando mondo 29.

    This is apparently the biggest size made (per the Cripi catalog), unfortunately they are too short for my foot, but maybe they’ll fit you? I do not know what other sizes they may have lurking in their warehouse, so give em a jingle and see what they say. You can order the boots directly off the Alpina Sports USA website.

    I have had zero replies from Crispi IT and no luck finding a European disributor for Crispi who is willing to ship to the States.

    Note that the Shiver and Evo Rando share the same last, so old Crispi fit = narrow heel and low volume toe box. Not sure what happened to the Shiver NTN last, but apparently it didn’t make it into the Rando mold.

    I also tried to add tech inserts to a pair of green Evos, but this didn’t work out, so I’d recommend against that option.

    I just ordered some TX and TX Pro to try out with my TTS Axl, hopefully the stiffer Axl springs can compensate for the softer Scarpa bellows.

    Good luck!