Jul 02 2012

New Comment System at EarnYourTurns.com

Okay, it’s time to forge ahead and deal with the fallout as it becomes evident. After a few weeks of waffling and checking things out elsewhere it was time to get ‘er done. With that caveat, a new comment system has been activated here at EarnYourTurns.com. There are still a few bugs and wrinkles that will need to be worked out, most importantly a tighter link to Farcebook. If you have experience with creating FB apps and are interested in helping out please contact me via the contact form on the About page (here). Otherwise, I hope you approve and like this new system.

There’s a number of folks out there who are part of the viewership of this website, but who can’t be bothered to make comments herein. My suspicion isn’t that you have nothing to say, or that you aren’t even slightly motivated to join in (though some do fall in that category), but that you’re “over” internet connectivity and the dysfunctional camaraderie of interweb forumz, spat rooms, illiteracy and crude civility. Me too!

Chose your profile...

To that end comments here will be moderated to encourage civility if not literacy, but, hopefully you will agree, moderated with a light hand. For more details on my moderating guidelines, see the Comments page under About (above).

In spite of the negative potential, there is the possibility of some great discussions, and opportunities to learn from peers. To encourage that sort of discourse the comments section of this site is being switched/upgraded to a service called DISQUS. I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of what or how DISQUS does what it does, but I like how this service allows you to join in without having to register at this site specifically (although you still can). You can use whatever profile you have established at other popular social sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as many other places you may be registered at. At least, that’s the promise. Some of those other, less popular sites may not work right off the bat and I’ll have to do some debugging to get ‘em to work. But I’m not going to waste time unless you tell me you simply must have the additional turn-key option to log in using your MyFaveSocialMediaWasteOfTime account.

Theoretically you can use the OpenID link to register your profile from one of the many other social media sites (Like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, etc.) without it’s own logo. Either that, or I need to waste more time on the DISQUS forums to find good advice on how to do enable those.

I’ve already attempted to use profiles from some of the more popular forums and other sites within the backcountry ski niche but, alas, it appears DISQUS doesn’t have the hooks automatically in place for Turns-All-Year, TGR, or Telemarktips. If you’re a code nerd and can figure it out, let me know. Otherwise, it’s not my fault. I was thinking of you, but as popular as BC skiing may be these days, it is still a nano-sport when it comes to popularity and general awareness — thankfully so.

Now that, theoretically, it will be easier to join in, I hope you do. Healthy dialog and debate is a good thing – it adds insight and color to understanding the subject at hand.

You can register to comment through DISQUS at the bottom of every post. Let me know what you think. Oh — and if you notice something elsewhere on this site that doesn’t seem to work anymore, please let me know here. Thanks.


  • buildakicker

    I am glad you did this. Glad.

  • teletilyouresmelly

    I don’t know if you mentioned it Craig, but its seems folks need to re-register to be able to comment if they are not using one of the other social media logins and want to use a unique one for this site.  It accepted my same username and password as before.

  • Dostie


    Well it was sort of mentioned as in, you do have to log in and that requires either registering here, or using a login from another social media network. But you figured it out. Thanks for pointing that out.

    One thing I’m disappointed to realize is that DISQUS does not recognize emoticons. Major bummer there. Hopefully that will change soon, but the bigger the beast, the slower the response and DISQUS is much bigger than the backcountry community.