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Nov 23 2015

Waxless Metal-edged Ski Roundup

Fattest of the phat. Voile's Charger BC.

  It was over a decade ago that Fischer broke the mold with waxless metal edged skis when they introduced their S-Bound series. In the interim, Karhu pushed the envelope with their 78mm wide Guide, then Voile picked up the ball where Karhu left it, and kept expanding the waistline to 115mm with their Charger …

Keep making backcountry turns

Feb 07 2015

DIY: Making fish-scaled skis

I bought some $30 kids’ skis at my local sports-exchange shop and added some fish-scales to make a waxless base for my 7 year old’s skis to tour with (although he just likes jibbin’ at this point).

Keep making backcountry turns

Apr 09 2012

Review: Voile Vector BC – One ski to farm it all?

It turns, it glides, it strides and climbs. It's a cross-country, no a downhill, NO!..it's a Vector BC.

Depending on what your fave form of sliding is, Voile’s Vector BC is one of the few skis that spans a broad enough range of usefulness to qualify as a backcountry quiver of one. The more time you spend mixing it up with kick ‘n’ glide tours, or casual strolls in the woods and foothills, to earning turns, the more appropriate the Vector BC is.