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Feb 10 2014

Review: Crispi’s NTN boots – Shiver & Evo

-10 deg. cuff ROM. Not bad, not great either.

  It has been hard to find choices in tele boots recently. Garmont shot themselves in the foot and Scott has been slow to pick up the ball. Under their breath retailers say they can’t give BD boots away. Now I’m not complaining about Scarpa being the only easy choice for tele boots out there, …

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Jan 27 2014

Backcountry Boot Roundup for 2014/15

Quadrant gets a new liner and more cuff ROM.

  When you look at sales of ski boots with a walk mode it seems like everybody is going into the backcountry. That conclusion assumes everyone who buys a ski boot with a walk mode is using it to go ski touring. In reality, a lot of folks are simply using it to make walking …

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Jun 11 2013

Review: Scarpa’s TX-Pro

Scarpa's TX-Pro — a T1 for NTN.

For those looking to transition from 75mm to NTN, Scarpa’s TX-Pro should be at the top of your list. It has all the main features you want, a tall cuff with four buckles, a sweet flexing bellows, and Dynafit inserts.

May 06 2013

First Look: Atomic’s Waymaker AT boots

Atomic's Waymaker Tour for 13/14

  One of the surprise gear revelations for next season was Atomic’s decision to double-down on backcountry boots. Atomic began their entry into the BC boot market with last year’s Tracker. It didn’t garner rave reviews but I did have the opportunity to put a pair on and walk around in them a bit. They …

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Feb 13 2013

ATK’s Newmark – lightest tele tech binding

ATK's Newmark - the latest idea for merging tech with tele.

Europeans have not been sitting on their laurels lately. The latest evidence comes from ATK, an Italian manufacturer of race caliber tech binding. In spite of the apparent lack of interest in telemark skiing by retailers, interest continues by the practicing faithful as well as manufacturers dreaming of a better way. The latest variation comes …

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Oct 01 2012

Review: Dynafit’s Radical AT binding

Radical - Dynafit's next generation Tech system.

Ten years ago Dynafit reps were lamenting the rise in popularity of the Fritschi Freeride. Interest in the US was just starting to pick up for Dynafit system and it seemed like the Freeride took the wind out of those sails. And then again with Marker’s Duke. But over that same period of time, many …

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