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Oct 11 2012

Rerun: Time Changes

Couloir Vol. XIX-3, Dec. 2006

Every year the seasons change, and though the calendar says they begin at the same time, we know when they start and end are as predictable as the numbers on a roulette wheel. Sure there is a range of when it will occur, but the exact day, just as the exact number to bet on, changes all the time.

Oct 25 2011

Bryan Allegretto: Tahoe’s Weather Guru

Tahoe Weather Discussion. Lots of beta, lots of insight.

Last February I had the pleasure of interviewing the creator and author of the increasingly popular blog Tahoe Weather Discussion. In that interview, founder Bryan Allegretto shared his unique take on weather forecasting, his predictions for the winter’s snow totals and his idea for an interactive forum focused specifically on Tahoe winter weather. Allegretto has …

Keep making backcountry turns

Dec 23 2010

Watchin’ the Weather: Snow-Forecast.com

What transpired between Dec. 15-19, 2010.

Snowhounds love to watch the weather. Not just to see what’s coming, or know when to enjoy what it has wrought, but to go out and embrace it while it’s happening. It’s part of why I like skinning up in a storm. You’re totally immersed in a swirling dance of snowflakes. No matter whether they’re …

Keep making backcountry turns