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Oct 24 2011

Review: 7tm Power Tour (2010-11)

ROM 65+ degrees. Resists icing. Releaseable. Not powerful, but power enough.

Considering what it was developed for, backcountry skiing, the 7tm is hard to beat for its feature rich set of options.

Sep 17 2011

Review: 7tm Tour (2004-05)

Range of motion is a solid 63+ degrees AND it has a safety release too!!!

Coul Archive: This review was first published in Couloir XVII-3, Dec.’04 The biggest innovation in telemark bindings this season (’04-’05) comes straight from 7tm and Karhu. We’ve begged for an easily accessible, integrated, free-pivot for telemark touring, and our pleas have finally been heeded. What? The binding releases too? Sweet Mary, the Grail must be …

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