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Oct 08 2012

Review: The Ramer Classic, the original
American Touring binding.

Some things still haven't been duplicated. Like the Ramer climbing post. None go higher, none equal it's low setting either. But why would you use a Ramer binding with a Dynafit boot?

Last week I was struck by the hole that exists in the AT world these days for a binding that works with tech-less alpine boots and weighs less than four pounds. It simply doesn’t exist anymore. Not in retail stores anyway. But if you sleuth enough, you can find an old pair of Ramer Classics …

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Apr 11 2012

Review: Spark R&D resurrects Verts™

Alex Kutches shows the side profile of Ramer Assault Snowshoes. They didn't weigh much either.

So it was a revolutionary moment when Paul Ramer sent me a pair of his Assault Snowshoes – an oval shaped platter of stamped aluminum with cookie cutter edges. As usual I thought it was a kooky idea, but as with his Ramer Classic alpine touring bindings, their beauty was only visible after experiencing their performance.

Jul 18 2010

Tribute to Paul Ramer

Paul Ramer

© 2000 While there are many people who have contributed to the growth of ski mountaineering in America, few were more instrumental than Paul Ramer. It was his vision, more than any other single man’s which accurately defined, perhaps prophesied, the current landscape of the sport. Some of you reading this became aware of backcountry …

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