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Mar 29 2012

Review: Marquette Backcountry skis

Everything you might want in a waxless ski except metal edges. Fat, rockered, budget conscious.

When the concept of the Marquette Backcountry ski was first explained it sounded like a great idea. Kudos to the marketing department for truth in advertising. The sticker adorning the ski says these planks are 30% snowshoe, 70% ski. After having ski toured with them I concur one hundred percent with that assessment. One of …

Keep making backcountry turns

Sep 28 2011

PR: Marquette Backcountry Ski

Fat skis for fat...snow.

Seems like there’s a move afoot to turn slowshoe fans in to skiers. The common elements of that theme are to produce a fat ski that is easy to walk in, can go uphill without adding anything special (waxes or climbing skins), and has enough glide to make turns downhill. Add to that list a …

Keep making backcountry turns