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Oct 06 2014

Telemark Binding Selection Guide (2014)

The Chouinard 3-pin Classic.

  When you’re ready to march to the beat of a different drummer, whether you need a new challenge or your rebel spirit compels you that way, this guide is offered to help you decide what binding to get. When it comes to picking a telemark binding there are many things to consider. Releasability, downhill …

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Jul 15 2014

Is the NTN’s butt too big?

Notice how consistent Scarpa's dimensions are, regardless of NTN sole size. cte

There is a fly in the ointment, brewing in the background with the New Telemark Norm system. It hasn’t gained much recognition because there aren’t that many people telemarking anymore, and of those who still are, not that many have switched to NTN. Depending on what size boot you have, and the binding you pair …

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Mar 16 2014

How long do you keep your ski boots?

How long do you keep your ski boots? To get some sense of that the poll on the right was posted on this site.

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Feb 11 2014

Whither goest tele?

T2X offers a mere 9° cuff ROM.

  The word from retailers in 2014 is in stark contrast to the claims of 2-million telemark skiers from SIA. Nobody knows how many active telemark skiers remain, but three things are true: First, there aren’t 2-million or even half a million telemark skiers left in the US, but there are still a couple hundred …

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Feb 10 2014

Review: Crispi’s NTN boots – Shiver & Evo

-10 deg. cuff ROM. Not bad, not great either.

  It has been hard to find choices in tele boots recently. Garmont shot themselves in the foot and Scott has been slow to pick up the ball. Under their breath retailers say they can’t give BD boots away. Now I’m not complaining about Scarpa being the only easy choice for tele boots out there, …

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Jan 23 2014

22 Designs joins NTN gang

NTN compatible with a free-pivot and Hammerhead power? Stay tuned.

  Video demo below The options for telemark skiers just got a little bit sweeter this year. Hot on the heels of shipping the very last Hammerhead ever, 22 Designs unveiled their next gen binding at Outdoor Retailer Winter 2014 that is the first binding licensed to use Rottefella’s patented NTN technology. What’s it called? …

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Dec 28 2013

Revelation with NTN

  Sometimes you need to make a wrong turn to know what the right way is. Or as National Lampoon pointed out several years ago, two wrong (left) turns don’t make a right, but three do. Such, it seemed, was my experience with the New Telemark Norm (NTN) system. But all is well that ends …

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