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May 21 2015

Upgrade details to Meidjo v.2

Rounded corners throughout...

  Those who stood by and watched while the first wave of Meidjos was beaten upon the shores of reality will be thankful they waited. The M-Equipment’s founder and inventor, Pierre Mouyade, recently detailed the numerous changes that have been made to improve the durability and functionality of Meidjo (pr: may’-zho). Meidjo is the first …

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May 18 2015

Mammoth shoot out: Outlaw VS Meidjo

Mammoth Mountain.

The rule of Winter ’15 season has been to act fast when fresh snow arrives, otherwise there won’t be much left. A couple of late storms hit the Sierra last week. Though characteristically weak for this season their freshness coincided with fresh updates to 22 Design’s beta version Outlaw, and a host of revisions to …

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May 13 2015

Changing the claw on 22D’s Outlaw

Remove the spring cap...

  Early feedback on 22 Design’s Outlaw, their new NTN binding, indicates that it skis great. Downhill performance was, as hoped, reminiscent of the Hammerhead in position #3 or #4 depending on how strong the spring tension is set to. Touring is also very similar to an Axl, with the same basic limits to range …

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Mar 31 2015

Status of 22D’s Outlaw beta binding

The trouble with an over-rotated step-in cam.

  This year has seen its share of beta failures, particularly in the world of new bindings with tech toes. Marker had a batch of Kingpins that were prone to their pins falling out. No word on exactly how many bindings that affected, but it was a manufacturing flaw covered under warranty and something that …

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Feb 26 2015

Serial Heelers – episode III

Serial Heelers, S1, E3

  The reason for the lack of video endorsements in this place is simple, I’m not impressed with many. After awhile they all sort of look the same, and they show feats I’ll never repeat, and snow I only dream about anymore in the Sierra Nevada. I don’t need to be reminded where I’m not. …

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Jan 28 2015

Meidjo wins ISPO Gold Award

Meidjo wins Gold award for innovation from ISPO.

  The M-Equipment’s first product, the Meidjo telemark binding will receive a Gold award from ISPO at the upcoming European trade show for its innovative design. Meidjo combines a Dynafit style low-tech toe piece with a spring loaded plate that attaches to the 2nd heel of a NTN boot. The binding weighs approximately one pound …

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Jan 17 2015

Meidjo Revised to Fix Production Flaws

Revised mount will now have four screws holding the cable down.

The reports are flooding in and M-Equipment is responding by modifying components of the binding and tightening quality control. Thus, problems that are being reported are being fixed. Pierre Mouyade, Meidjo’s designer contacted me to say, “Begin January I discover a problem on the low tech. The four pin inside the 4 spring of the …

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