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Oct 31 2011

Review: Clip-Skins (look Ma’, no glue!)

Tension on the clips may relax underfoot, but not enough to come off.

It is now year two for Clip Skins, the climbing skin that you can attach to your ski without glue. No glue to go bad over time, or get contaminated if you drop them in the dirt, or the need for Herculean strength to pull them apart after storing glue-to-glue, or the hassle of trying …

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Aug 12 2011

Skinning: Keeper Steeper

Reprinted from Couloir XIII-4, Winter 2001

Might I be so bold as to suggest that the esteemed skier from Truckee, Mr. Dostie, is suffering from a cranial/rectal impaction when it comes to appreciating the fine art of steep skinning? Not only is steep skinning faster and more efficient, it is The Way. The Chosen Path. The Trail to Enlightenment as well …

Keep making backcountry turns

Dec 07 2010

Ten-11, day 3

Took another solo tour on Sunday that started as trip to the pool for a workout. As soon as I turned onto the freeway my eyes saw the crest of the Sierra around Anderson Peak. There had been fresh snow up high and the sight beckoned like it always does when the sky is blue …

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