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Mar 04 2014

Technique: Installing inserts for ski bindings

Installing inserts, e.g. Keensert®

  For the average skier, using inserts to mount your bindings is overkill. As long as you do a decent job and put the screws in straight, with a dab of wood glue to seal and bond the screw, you will not have any issues with your bindings ripping out. The exception is with aggressive …

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Aug 15 2012

Technique: Removing tough screws

Heat the head of a stiff-necked screw with a soldering iron to loosen the glues' grip on the threads.

Replacing the bindings on your skis with a different pair is not all that uncommon, but it usually requires more effort than just unscrewing the screws. If the bindings were mounted properly, glue was used to seal out water and prevent the screw from vibrating loose. With good glue, it will not only prevent vibrating …

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