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Oct 21 2014

Review: BD’s Carbon Aspect ski

Black Diamond's Carbon Aspect. XX lbs. light, and white to resist snow sticking and adding weight back.

To behold the statistics of Black Diamond’s Carbon Aspect is to be tempted with a model of touring perfection. At least, to this ol’ guys perspective. Fat skis are the rage and weight is great and all that except that it’s not. In the backcountry extra flotation comes with a heavy price and for my …

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Sep 22 2014

Review: Volkl’s BMT Series – 94/109/122

Volkl's Big Mountain Touring series, BMT 94 shown. Less than 7 lbs./pr at 186cm long.

It was two seasons ago my preconceived notions about rockered skis, especially the too fat variety, were blown to smithereens. For me, that means anything wider than 110mm at the waist which simply cannot hold sufficient edge for good all round, backcountry skiing. The example was Volkl’s V-Werks Katana, a magical mix of wood core …

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Sep 01 2014

Review: Fischer’s Hannibal BC Ski

Fischer's Hannibal 2014
131-100-117 • 6½ pr

  Dostie and I ran into each other walking dogs at dusk the other night. No, he’s not my alter ego, rather, my cousin, Jeff Dostie. We both happen to love backcountry skiing, work at ski shops, and purely by chance, live in the same neighborhood. We don’t agree on skin track strategies but we …

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Mar 31 2014

Awesome April is here

Spring skiing extends the season - even with pow pow.

  This is the time of year when the wannabes fall away. Spring – when the snow alternates within hours from cold smoke to mashed potatoes. It’s the time of year when it’s icy in the morning, velvet corn in the afternoon. With the right conditions the weather warms for the day while the sun …

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Feb 13 2013

ATK’s Newmark – lightest tele tech binding

ATK's Newmark - the latest idea for merging tech with tele.

Europeans have not been sitting on their laurels lately. The latest evidence comes from ATK, an Italian manufacturer of race caliber tech binding. In spite of the apparent lack of interest in telemark skiing by retailers, interest continues by the practicing faithful as well as manufacturers dreaming of a better way. The latest variation comes …

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Dec 28 2011

Review: La Sportiva GT Skis

La Sportiva GT Skis  *  123-89-111 (mm) * 6 lbs. 3.5 oz./pair

La Sportiva delivers a solid mid-fat ski in their inaugural foray into the skiing realm with the GT. I holds well on firm snow with a lively, snappy responsiveness between turns.

Feb 07 2011

Review: Day 1 with TTS beta binding

Dynafiddle Toe + Voile cable w/radical pivot location  + Hammerheel.  2&frac14 lbs. per pair.  Click to enlarge.

The TTS binding uses a Dynafit (aka Tech) toe with a classic telemark cable with compression spring cartridges that latches around the heel of the boot. It only works with NTN boots that have Tech fittings.

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