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Jun 05 2012

BC Technique: Downhill Kick Turns

A nice set of sharp edged switchbacks up an Alaskan face.

…the downhill facing kickturn is one of the first skills taught to a beginner at a Nordic center, thus it may be difficult for those who have no experience in Nordic gear to appreciate this turn. It’s a turn I’ve seen humble some pretty accomplished skiers in their first attempt.

May 10 2012

BC Techniques: Step-Down Kick Turn

The uphill snap-kick turn is a super valuable technique to learn, but some folks simply cannot do it because it requires more range of motion in the hips than their body allows. For them let me suggest a move I’m calling the Step-Down kick turn.

Mar 24 2012

Techniques: Kick Turns on Steep Terrain

Back in the day when skis were skinny and kick-turns were for downhill too!

One variety, the snap-kick turn is useful in deep snow, and practically essential on steep terrain. Without the snap-kick turn you can be in a rather precarious position when it comes to changing direction on a skin track, especially in glacial terrain where the consequences of a fall might be fatal.