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Jan 11 2015

First Look: Marker’s Kingpin

J-Rad shows off the Kingpin on California Corn, Junuary 2015

  The limited supply of Marker Kingpin bindings have begun showing up around the states. The half dozen pair dedicated to northern California arrived in Truckee a few weeks ago but it wasn’t until last week that a pair was made available to actually ski. Attempts to get a pair directly for a test run …

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Dec 21 2014

22 Designs announces Outlaw beta program

22D's NTN baby has emerged from gestation an Outlaw.

  The Outlaw, the first American made NTN binding is ready for pummeling by the public. In the world of telemark bindings, that’s not a joke. The very nature of telemarking creates forces that test the limits of every part of the system and when a new combination of ingredients comes together as a new …

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Oct 06 2014

Telemark Binding Selection Guide (2014)

The Chouinard 3-pin Classic.

  When you’re ready to march to the beat of a different drummer, whether you need a new challenge or your rebel spirit compels you that way, this guide is offered to help you decide what binding to get. When it comes to picking a telemark binding there are many things to consider. Releasability, downhill …

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Feb 25 2014

In Defense of the Duckbill

Stewart Craig shows why tele with duckbills will always be worthy.

  While it is fun to entertain the idea that NTN equipment is offering new possibilities without a duckbill, there are a few of us who still recognize the value of the duck and we’re not all quacks even if you think we are. To the young and inexperienced it is easy to become fascinated …

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Feb 11 2014

Whither goest tele?

T2X offers a mere 9° cuff ROM.

  The word from retailers in 2014 is in stark contrast to the claims of 2-million telemark skiers from SIA. Nobody knows how many active telemark skiers remain, but three things are true: First, there aren’t 2-million or even half a million telemark skiers left in the US, but there are still a couple hundred …

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Jan 06 2014

First Look: Ion – G3′s take 2 on Tech

Ion -

  G3 unveiled their new tech binding to the world today, Ion, to be available next autumn, 2014. More than just a follow up act to the Onyx, their much dismissed first foray in the tech binding world, the Ion addresses shortcomings in the tech binding world that clearly needed a fresh engineering perspective. Until …

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Oct 14 2013

First Look: Dynafit’s Beast 16

Beta version of the Dynafit Beast 16

  The saying goes, “Light is right, but weight is great.” Even Dynafit is acknowledging that with the introduction of their next generation tech binding, the Beast 16. At almost a kilogram per foot (actually only 966 grams or 34 oz.) it is a beast of a binding, especially for a company firmly rooted with …

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