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Nov 29 2011

Review: Voile’s Switchback X2 (2011)

Voile's Switchback X2. More power, more ROM, only 2 oz. more per foot and $20 more per pair.

Voile’s Switchback X2 is just what it sounds like, a Switchback on steroids. It expands the range of performance at both ends of the spectrum – turning and touring.

Nov 06 2011

Review: 22 Designs’ Axl

Switching modes is easy with a ski pole. If it gives too much resistance switch back to turn mode, check for ice under the toe plate.

When it comes to heavy metal rocking with a free heel there is no more powerful binding on planet tele than 22 Designs Axl. It is possible to make the TTS or NTN binding more powerful but actually I shudder that you should need any more tele-resistänçe than Axl delivers. Put another way, if you …

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