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Feb 03 2014

DIY: Mounting ski bindings

Line up ski boot center with the corresponding mark on the ski.

Measure twice, cut once —Carpenter’s Rule Mounting bindings is a pretty simple operation if you’re dealing with a popular binding that your local shop has a jig for. Save yourself time and hassle and pay them to do it. The only exception is if you know they don’t sweat the details. In that case, you …

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Oct 18 2011

Modifying NTN for better touring

The "bulletproof NTN" addresses all the known weaknesses of NTN except range of motion.

Update (13nov11): Finally managed to get this revision out on snow. See the very end for the results.. First, I would like to thank Jay (tainted meat) and Andrew (Andrew L) and Mike (MD2020) for donating NTN parts for this experiment. It saved me from destroying my own working bindings as the prototypes were made …

Keep making backcountry turns