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Feb 11 2014

Wither goest tele?

T2X offers a mere 9° cuff ROM.

  The word from retailers in 2014 is in stark contrast to the claims of 2-million telemark skiers from SIA. Nobody knows how many active telemark skiers remain, but three things are true: First, there aren’t 2-million or even half a million telemark skiers left in the US, but there are still a couple hundred …

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Jan 27 2014

Backcountry Boot Roundup for 2014/15

Quadrant gets a new liner and more cuff ROM.

  When you look at sales of ski boots with a walk mode it seems like everybody is going into the backcountry. That conclusion assumes everyone who buys a ski boot with a walk mode is using it to go ski touring. In reality, a lot of folks are simply using it to make walking …

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Jan 15 2014

Take 2: Fischer upgrades Ranger 12

Fischer's Vacuum series Ranger returns improved.

As one might hope, Fischer returns for 13/14 with heat moldable liners for their Vacuum series of boots, which means the Ranger 12 gets a much needed revision to the touring comfort possible. All the other aspects of the Ranger 12 remain: a progressive flex for arcing the fall line, three levels of cuff motion, …

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Dec 31 2013

Review: La Sportiva’s Spectre

Spectre - make for walking up, rockin' down.

When you first lay eyes on La Sportiva’s Spectre you can’t help but think this is a specialized rando race boot. The svelte marketing photos do nothing to prevent that view. Considering it weighs around 3 pounds per boot (mondo size 26.5) and has a huge cuff ROM for longer strides while walking or skinning …

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Aug 26 2013

Review: Dynafit’s Mercury (& Vulcan)

Dynafit Mercury. Solid and stiff for control, ultra free for efficiency.

Aside from fit, there is precious little to complain about with Dynafit’s TLT boot line. All utilize Dynafit’s patented Ultra Lock System that integrates the mode switch with the cuff buckle for shifting gears to uphill or downhill with a single move. That alone warrants a closer look for my turning earning friends. As the …

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Mar 18 2013

Review: Scarpa Freedom SL

Scarpa's Freedom SL • ~4 lbs./boot. • $769

  For a heavy weight boot from a backcountry focused company Scarpa’s new AT boot, the Freedom, delivers much of the performance you would expect from a traditional alpine boot, but without much weight. If that sounds contradictory, let me explain. True, it does weigh in at an ounce over four pounds per boot (1.85 …

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