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Aug 18 2014

Review: Pieps DSP Pro v2.0

New Pieps DSP Pro.

  Pieps has upgraded their DSP beacon with a new case, improved harness, better marking for multiple victims, and a few new special functions in the Pro model. Range Although Pieps is no longer king of hill for max range they’re not shabby either, with a solid 52+ meter range whether oriented parallel or crosswise. …

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Jul 25 2014

Technique: Range set up for testing avy beacons

How the eye-in-the-sky views the beacon range for EYT.

  How do I test avy beacons, more properly known as avalanche transceivers? What follows is my range set up, some notes and illustrations for newbies to understand basic terminology and concepts, and my general procedures. From an overall perspective, I’m just going through some predefined motions to test limits. In terms of the real …

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Jun 03 2013

Beacon Review: Arva’s Neo

Arva's NEO sees one signal ~39 m (~127 ft.) away.

To be honest it has been awhile since I’ve been impressed with an Arva avalanche transceiver. They were the first European company to agree digital processing could improve search times and they obliged with the Arva 9000 – a single antenna transceiver that used digital processing to calculate and display distance, along with a series …

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Oct 05 2012

Review: Ortovox 3+ avalanche beacon

Ortovox 3+ avalanche transceiver with carrying case

The 3+ from Ortovox is a fresh breath of simplicity in the beacon world. It doesn’t go overboard with brainiac features, at least, not overtly. It doesn’t provide the directional clues of the S1, but it can still separate the various signals, only without getting confused like the first gen S1.

Sep 24 2012

BC News: BD to buy Pieps

BD to buy Pieps and turbo-charges their Avalanche and Electronic futures. Hint: buy stock soon.

  Black Diamond Equipment, Inc., announced this morning its intent to acquire Pieps, a leader in avalanche rescue transceivers in early October, 2012. The acquisition fulfills a decade-long goal to add avalanche transceivers to the palette of products Black Diamond offers for backcountry safety. Over the years there has been much speculation as to whether …

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Jan 14 2011

Beacon Preview: Pieps Vector includes GPS


There are a number of new avalanche transceivers that will be unveiled to outdoor retailers and the privileged public next week. None of them will be available until next fall, but this is the time when we learn about what is coming. The one I’m most excited to see is the new Pieps Vector. If …

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Oct 20 2010

Ortovox wins patent lawsuit against Mammut

by Craig Dostie 18oct2010 Ortovox released a press release today announcing a favorable decision by a higher court in Dusseldorf, Germany that Barryvox had infringed on their patent of a compass function in an avalanche transceiver. The decision comes on appeal to an earlier decision against Ortovox and the rationale for the change in the …

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