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Mar 02 2014

Mt. Jumbo avalanche buries 3 in Missoula home

View of the Mt. Jumbo avalanche starting zone.

  An avalanche on the north side off Mount Jumbo, in Missoula, Montana destroyed two houses and buried three people late in the afternoon of February 28th, 2014. About a hundred neighbors shoveled out an 8 year-old boy, a woman, and an elderly man. The adults are in critical condition. The avalanche was triggered by …

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Feb 04 2014

Review: Ortovox Tour 30+7 ABS pack

Orotovx Tour30+7. Lots of room, pockets, straps, and ABS.

Ortovox’ Tour30 +7 airbag pack is worth a close look. It is not a good pack for half day trips unless you’re always bring extra stuff just in case, but it is a good size for overnight hut trips where you routinely need the extra space.

Jan 28 2014

1st Look: Black Diamond’s Evac snow shovel

The Evac gets telescopes out longer than any other shovel.

When you need to move a lot of snow fast, like when you need to evacuate a buried avalanche victim, nothing beats a diesel powered back hoe. The next best thing is the human powered snow hoe. Where the Evac promises an improvement in the classic snow hoe design is by rounding the connection from a 90° angle at the connection, to one that combines two 45° bends for greater strength under stress.

Apr 16 2012

Review: SnowPulse HighMark22 Airbag Pack

The SnowPulse High Mark. $1250. Not too big, not too small.

The Highmark22 from SnowPulse does a good job of balancing the need for organization with multiple compartments, without getting overly complex.

Apr 01 2012

TR: Tahoe West Shore Epic Tour

Blue-bird day after a fresh two-footer hits the Tahoe area.

First we had to get past the steep opening pitch which rolled over and probably had a good meter of wind deposition on it. We both figured it could go, so I began with a ski cut just behind the crown.

Mar 28 2012

PSA: Unified Avalanche Website format?

The Utah Avalanche Center is applying for a competitive grant to fund a major project to help unify our website, email, SMS, and social media alerts and create an open source platform that could be used by any avalanche center. This could lead to more ways to get the advisories, an easier-to-use website, and more …

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