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Dec 13 2016

Review: Tecnica’s Zero-G AT boot

Nice liner with different density foam in forefoot, ankle, mid-cuff, upper cuff and tongue.

Every year now the bar gets raised for Alpine Touring boots that play as well in-bounds as out. A dedicated rando race boot will always outrun or an alpine race boot will always outgun a dual-function work horse, but the work horse consistently delivers untracked pow where the others dare not go. That’s why there’s …

Keep making backcountry turns

May 28 2012

AT Boot Review: Dynafit’s TLT5 TF-X

Dynafit TLT 5 backcountry ski boot

  The prospect of locking your heel for skiing is a nice option to have. Most times I’d rather switch between a pivot for skinning, or tele-resistance for turning. When it gets steep though, I like having a locked heel. Nowadays the angle of slope that I prefer a locked heel on is less than …

Keep making backcountry turns