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Dec 24 2013

First Look: Fritschi Diamir’s Vipec 12

Fritschi adds a tech binding to their plate.

  The new Vipec 12 from Fritschi Diamir appears poised to follow through on what G3 threatened to do – upset the landscape of the two-pin tech binding world dominated since inception by its founder, Dynafit. Two things separate this binding from the majority of tech bindings that are proliferating in the market. Elasticity to …

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Oct 30 2013

A.T. Boot Review: BD’s Factor MX

Heel insert gets bolted to the frame with a nut nestled in a heel pocket, under the sole block.

  When I began locking my heel again two years ago I was surprised how far Black Diamond had missed the mark with their AT boot line. This year’s updated Factor MX does a lot to remedy that. Since inception BD’s tele boot line was too aggro and heavy for me to spend much time …

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Oct 27 2013

Picking the right Tech Binding

Fritschi joins the Tech binding club with Vipec 12.

  Choosing whether or not to go all in with alpine touring is a question that begets several more. First, are you serious? If you’re not, just get a passport binding to get you going until you’re undeniably hooked on the backcountry. Once you’re hooked then it’s time to get serious with your attitude, and …

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Oct 14 2013

First Look: Dynafit’s Beast 16

Beta version of the Dynafit Beast 16

  The saying goes, “Light is right, but weight is great.” Even Dynafit is acknowledging that with the introduction of their next generation tech binding, the Beast 16. At almost a kilogram per foot (actually only 966 grams or 34 oz.) it is a beast of a binding, especially for a company firmly rooted with …

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Aug 26 2013

Review: Dynafit’s Mercury (& Vulcan)

Dynafit Mercury. Solid and stiff for control, ultra free for efficiency.

Aside from fit, there is precious little to complain about with Dynafit’s TLT boot line. All utilize Dynafit’s patented Ultra Lock System that integrates the mode switch with the cuff buckle for shifting gears to uphill or downhill with a single move. That alone warrants a closer look for my turning earning friends. As the …

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Aug 14 2013

Passport Bindings for the ’14 Season

Spirit Dan rips freshies on Tahoe's West Shore.

  Lured by the Backcountry? There are roughly three different styles of backcountry equipment you should consider if you’re hunting fresh powder: alpine, snowboard, or telemark. Of the three disciplines, alpine offers the easiest to understand, and adopt, set of options. The style of alpine binding that appeals easiest to budding BC skiers are what …

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