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Feb 04 2014

Review: Ortovox Tour 30+7 ABS pack

Orotovx Tour30+7. Lots of room, pockets, straps, and ABS.

Ortovox’ Tour30 +7 airbag pack is worth a close look. It is not a good pack for half day trips unless you’re always bring extra stuff just in case, but it is a good size for overnight hut trips where you routinely need the extra space.

Jan 20 2014

1st Look: BD’s JetForce® airbag pack

Hello JetForce, goodbye TSA.

  If you have ever used an airbag pack, even just practiced with one, you realize pretty quickly that you don’t want to actually be using the pack for its safety features. It’s too damn expensive. Even practicing costs you, not only with paying for a new cartridge or refill, but the time it takes …

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Jan 11 2014

Review: Mammut’s Pro 35 PAS airbag pack

Inside panel access means everything can be accessed quickly, one way or another.

  As Mammut’s top of the line airbag pack you expect this to be the best they have to offer. Notwithstanding personal disagreements on what features should and should not be in a ski pack, the Pro 35+ is undeniably the pack with the most compelling feature set, and for a real backcountry ski tour, …

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Oct 17 2013

First Look: Mammut’s Light 30 airbag pack

Light 30 has the typical airbag stuff - metal buckle, leg loop, trigger in the shoulder strap, plus PAS.

  Saving weight has always been a primary goal with packs. Afterall, the plan is to carry a bunch of stuff on your back without breaking it. Keeping the weight of the container down is part of the puzzle. This gets more difficult when you’re talking about an airbag pack. The main reason you’re buying …

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Sep 29 2013

Overview of Avalanche Airbag Systems

The ABS way uses two airbags and venturi valves with compressed N2.

  Airbag packs have become a commodity. Not because they are everywhere, but because so many different pack makers are offering one. Which means that, once you decide you need one of these, there is bound to be one that one will strike your fancy simply as a pack, regardless of the type of airbag …

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May 28 2013

Review: Oakley’s SnowMad RAS pack

Oakley's SnowMad RAS pack. 30 liters with SnowPulse HOT technology. Cost? Priceless.

For the moment I’ve lost track of how many companies are planning to offer a BC airbag pack. According to a catalog I was browsing last week, there will be 26 brands of airbag packs in Europe alone, or maybe that was the number of licensees for avy packs working with the original ABS. With …

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Mar 06 2013

Airbag Review: Mystery Ranch’s Blackjack

The Blackjack by Mystery Ranch. $1200 of avy insurance with XX liters of volume in an 8 pound pack.

Admittedly it took a few tours for me to warm up to the Blackjack from Mystery Ranch and even then I wasn’t completely convinced until I happened to share a ride up the Jerome chairlift at Sugar Bowl with a ski patroller who also happened to be wearing the Blackjack on his back. He pointed …

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